How to use LPC-LINK2

I’m gonna show you how to use LPC-LINK2. The LPC-LINK2 is a very handy tool because it can be used as various debug probe, being very cost effective. The license is only allowed to use for NXP MCU’s, Kinetis and LPC microcontroller. If you have already bought it but you don’t make use of it to the full extent, you can refer to this post. There might be an useful information for you.

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[LPC802] LED blinky programming for dummies. ~1~

I would like to puck up this time an easy programming on MCU for child or dummies. The program is going to be a LED Blinky program, it simply blinks LED’s. Actually, you might have seen this type of articles somewhere. I tried to show an MCU programming using development environment that is  a free of charge, which is being used at work in an actual environment.

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