CMSIS Systick

Let’s use CMSIS! Easy way to measure cycle count.

I will show you a good tip when you want to measure the time or cycles taken for your code. By means of CMSIS ( Cortex Micro-controller Software Interface and Standard) which is an application software interface for Cortex-M MCU, you can do it so easily. Here is the easy way of using CMSIS interface to measure cycles. Let’s do it.

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Amazing low power Bluetooth LE

Amazing power consumption!
NXP BLE device QN9080

Bluetooth has been 19 years this year since it was officially released as ver. 1.0. And, Bluetooth low energy has been 10 years since it was released. Bluetooth classic and low energy devices have been released from many companies. Those devices diversify the features from high-performance to super low power. In these days, NXP has released their Bluetooth low energy device with BT ver. 5.0 last year.

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