How to place RAM func in GCC environment???

It is so easy to place a function in RAM when you use IAR EWARM, all you have to do is  put one magical word. Then, EWARM do automatically handle the function and place it in RAM. Now, how about MCUXpresso IDE? that is a GCC environment, how can you do that? This time, I will give you a hint how you can place a function in RAM in case of GCC environment.

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Amazing performance of i.MXRT!
How-to Coremark implementation and measurement

I’m going to measure a performance of my favorite board of i.MXRT1050, and will show you how to implement coremark to measure the performance. i.MXRT1050 is a cross-over processor and best performance in NXP’s microcontrollers.

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CMSIS Systick

Let’s use CMSIS! Easy way to measure cycle count.

I will show you a good tip when you want to measure the time or cycles taken for your code. By means of CMSIS ( Cortex Micro-controller Software Interface and Standard) which is an application software interface for Cortex-M MCU, you can do it so easily. Here is the easy way of using CMSIS interface to measure cycles. Let’s do it.

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Very Easy and useful! Power debug on MCUXpresso IDE

It has past a quite a long time since the last post, but I finally got time so I post a new article. This time, I introduce an unique feature, which is a power debugging on MCUXpresso IDE. The power debug doesn’t give you a powerful debugging, but you can monitor a dynamic power consumption and it is visualized on MCUXpresso window.

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