binary convert

Want to convert a binary data to ARM object file?You can do it easy.

Don’t you want sometimes to have object files such as images to display and an audio sound data to play, do you? you need to convert it from binary to ARM object file. All the time, it didn’t work for me at all  and I was scratching my head!

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Printf debug and Semihosting on LPC

This time, I would like to introduce tips and settings about printf debug as a handy method for debugging. Printf debug is the debug using the printf() function, and whether variables are expected values, code execution, conditional branching, etc. are working properly, or not. And, It helps to visualize the log of the code execution etc. as a dynamic state of the code to output to a standard output (display etc) for debug.

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So easy to execute function from RAM

Sooo easy! Just 1 magical word !
To execute a function from RAM using IAR EWARM.

Haven’t you ever experienced that your system was not enough performance? I have often had such situation. If you select MCU with even higher performance, the cost of the system will increase and the sky is the limit.

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