How to place RAM func in GCC environment???

It is so easy to place a function in RAM when you use IAR EWARM, all you have to do is  put one magical word. Then, EWARM do automatically handle the function and place it in RAM. Now, how about MCUXpresso IDE? that is a GCC environment, how can you do that? This time, I will give you a hint how you can place a function in RAM in case of GCC environment.

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Very Easy and useful! Power debug on MCUXpresso IDE

It has past a quite a long time since the last post, but I finally got time so I post a new article. This time, I introduce an unique feature, which is a power debugging on MCUXpresso IDE. The power debug doesn’t give you a powerful debugging, but you can monitor a dynamic power consumption and it is visualized on MCUXpresso window.

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binary convert

Want to convert a binary data to ARM object file?You can do it easy.

Don’t you want sometimes to have object files such as images to display and an audio sound data to play, do you? you need to convert it from binary to ARM object file. All the time, it didn’t work for me at all  and I was scratching my head!

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