Thank you for your interest in this site.

My motto

I love microcontroller(MCU), especially, I like MCU from NXP Semiconductor. I want to post articles more and more about NXP MCUs, and my motto is that you can do anything on MCU(Microcontroller).

I am working on various MCU of Kinetis and LPC MCU. In the future, I will post articles with these MCUs and those development environment as the main topic. I would like to write other MCUs as well. I would be very pleased if this site helps you even a bit.

Basically, I very much often use a ready-made evaluation board like so called FRDM board, or Arduino board. I think it would be easy to start and you can try it out easily.


This site operates in Japanese and English, as I would like to transmit information of the merits of NXP MCUs for people all over the world. My English is not very good, but I will do my best and I want to post articles as many as I can. Basically, the Japanese site and the English site writes the same article in Japanese and English respectively.

I have experience having worked in Europe and I will manage this site by making full use of that experience.
Ten years have now passed already since I came back from Europe and now I live in Yokohama in Japan. My hobbies are an electronic work, smartphone apps development, playing the piano.


I started playing the piano at the age of 40. I like Beethoven and Chopin. When I was small I was very much interested in piano, so I started playing with my son and daughter. Now I can play the piano at at certain level.

My most favorite hobby is Electric works and Smart phone apps development. The smart phone apps is developed by Java for Android OS.


As I write articles in Japanese and English, updating may be delayed somewhat, but I will do my best.

Thank you very much.

Yokohama’s pianist NXP fan